Technical Support,
Piece of mind.

Once a Plant or a Station is placed into operation, in-depth technical expertise is sometimes required to allow operators troubleshoot and restore a malfunctioning piece of equipment. This is the time when Viva Automation can lend a helping hand and provide a solution in timely manner.

Because we don’t want to waste anyone’s time and resources, Viva Automation will guarantee that the problem will be resolved once we take on the task. If our engineers cannot provide a resolution because of a lack of technical knowledge, we will not charge the customer for the troubleshooting time.

Even though an annual support agreement is not required to obtain technical support from us, having one will give customers a special rate as well as assistance priority when needed.

  • PLC / RTU / DCS (signal issues, controller / redundancy malfunction, process irregularities, etc.)
  • SCADA / HMI (software / drivers, scaling, unresponsive terminals / components, etc.)
  • Communications Issues (wired / wireless)
  • Electrical controlled Equipment (Power, Pumps, Valves, Filters, VFD / Soft Starter, etc.)
  • Protocol Converters (Ethernet / Serial)
  • Analytical Equipment (pH, CL2, Turbidity, Ammonium, Nitrate, Dissolved Oxygen, Hydrogen, Temperature, etc.)
  • Alarming Equipment

Please note that technical assistance will be provided remotely unless a site visit is mandatory (formal approval by the client is required).

  • Server / Networking Hardware malfunction, configuration changes, Logs review
  • Webserver, Remote Access, Redundancy Issues
  • Software crash / unresponsive
  • Virus detection / clean-up
  • Data loss / recovery

Every invoice will contain a monthly report describing the nature of each problem as well as the step-by-step solution used to resolve it.

Personnel Training

Viva Automation offers a wide range of training seminars (online or onsite) tailored specifically for intended audience:

  • Industrial Automation Basics or Mentoring Program
  • Hands-On PLC / RTU / SCADA / HMI Programming / Troubleshooting techniques
  • Industrial Networking and Computer safe & optimal operation
  • Cybersecurity basics for Operations & Support Personnel